Two Weeks of Vital Protein’s Collagen Peptides

Collagen Peptides, by Vital Protein, is a collagen product that my wife and I started taking two weeks ago.  We’ve been studying the ketogenic diet and have been gradually moving towards a higher fat (natural fats like avocado and coconut) diet for years.  But what I wasn’t aware of was what might be missing from my diet in general.  One of those things is collagen, which is part of what makes up skin, hair, nails, joints, all connective tissues, and bones throughout your body.   In the case of Vital Protein’s Collagen Peptides, it is coming from beef skin, but poultry and fish scales are other sources of collagen.

Note, your body does make collagen on its own, but supplementation sure seems to speed the process.  In our case, it made a dramatic, if subjective, impact.  We are generally noticing a more “youthful” appearance in both of us.  It’s hard to narrow it down, but there are a few areas we can speak to.

Skin: in both of us our complexion is more even and our skin feels more pliable.  We did experience some acne within the first week of taking the product, but that’s probably the collagen improving the skin’s ability to cleanse itself.  We don’t eat a ton of junk food, so acne isn’t usually a problem for us.

Hair: This is much more difficult to resolve.  We’re also taking Hairfluence by Zhou which was making an impact on hair density, strength, and even regrowth.  But I’m seeing lots of new growth with the two products in conjunction with each other.  Candace’s eyelashes are growing darker and longer, and her hair has more body as well.  We’ve both experienced hair loss, me to age and her to pregnancy.  We are both beginning to regrow that hair.  Maybe we were just collagen deficient this whole time.

Post workout recovery: We’ve both noticed that our post workout tenderness and soreness has been somewhat reduced.  Totally subjective to us, I know, but it’s making a difference for us in simply being able to move two days after a workout.  So, when I looked into collagen and muscles, tendons, and ligaments, I discovered that muscular sheathing, tendons and ligaments are ALL made up of collagen!  Go figure.  So, now I’m not surprised that we’ve been feeling better.  Even our foot pain, due to impact stress, was eliminated because we did box-jump-overs the other day and that usually leaves us with sore feet.  We’re both feeling fine, and while we are still both a bit stiff and have knotted muscles, we are mobile (and I’m not whining).

Anecdotal evidence: See Amazon.  There are lots of reviews of folks looking younger, regrowing hair, or growing amazing finger nails.  As always, results vary, and the quantity of collagen that you may need can make a difference as well.

I don’t want you to think that collagen is magic.  It appears to be just what we were lacking in our particular diet.  We eat very few processed foods.  We eat lots of fats and protein.  We also do Nutrition Response Testing every month to see where we are deficient in vitamins and minerals, but not with this kind of supplement.  With the collagen added to our diet we seem to be hitting the sweet spot of health these days.  Our bodies are regrowing what was once lost, we feel better, and we look better.  While we’ve had to work to get here, it sure feels worth it now.