About Matt and Candace

Hi all!  We, Matt and Candace, are from California but are currently living in Tennessee with our five kids (yes, five!).  We are endeavoring to be good stewards of our lives by choosing our God, choosing our community, and choosing how we live day by day.  That ends up being a lot of choices, but through prayer, teamwork, help, and God’s grace and provision, we are living lives of significance and impact.  It’s not always the impact we want to have, but that’s part of what makes life an adventure!  We invite others to share our journey, to ask questions, and to look at what we have learned over the last eight or so years of our marriage, and to see what works for you compared to what works for us.  A fundamental premise for us is that each person, each family, will have to discover what works for them.  We’ve tried a lot of different things to get to where we are – with more experiments in the works! – and the upshot is that we have discovered quite a few things that have fundamentally improved our lives.  This site and blog are here to present those findings to anyone who is wrestling with their own life situation and know that something needs to change.