A Layman’s Introduction to Nutrition Response Testing

To begin, I understand Nutrition Response Testing to be a process in which an assessor checks your body for what it is deficient in and what may be causing the body harm.  It involves a lot of arm waving and vial swapping, but it is completely non-invasive and fast!  The assessor can check an incredible number of your inner workings, including your individual organs and your immune system, often in less than an hour. While the assessment isn’t 100% accurate, it is certainly “good enough” to make dietary changes, and/or re-organize your supplement schedule, which will support your body’s current needs.  And let me make this quick disclaimer – I’m not a medical doctor, make no claims to be, and am speaking from experience, not training.  So take what I say here with reasonable skepticism!

What Nutrition Response Testing is not.  It is not a “cure” for any particular illness or disease.

What Nutrition Response Testing is.  It is a way to improve whole body health through nutrition.  The underlying principle of Nutrition Response Testing is that the body knows how to handle pretty much any illness or damage, but it may not have the resources it needs to fight off attacks or rebuild what is broken.  The old adage, “You are what you eat” holds true here. But more importantly, your body can’t use what it doesn’t have, and you don’t know what you are missing until you assess.  The assessor’s job is to discover what is missing, what is attacking the body, or what may need to be avoided, and provide appropriate guidance and support to the client.  This support is primarily done through the means of vitamin and mineral supplements and other dietary adjustments.  That’s it.  In the end, if the tester did his/her job and the client follows their program, then the body “cures” itself.

To me, this is the only real form of “preventive medicine” we can really expect to work, and I think that’s because the human body was well designed in the first place.  My opinion is that American’s are spoiled and physically rotten as a society, we just won’t admit it.

Since we’re near the topic, I’d like to address our “healthcare professionals”.  Doctors, nurses, EMT’s, and the whole realm of healthcare professionals are wonderful and necessary, especially for acute cases of illness, physical damage, or restorative procedures.  They are extremely well trained in emergency medicine, especially grave bodily harm, and can save lives or fix damage that nutrition simply can’t.  So, we still need them, and ought to treat them with the greatest respect in their particular niche.  For acute medicine they are indispensable!

That said, I haven’t seen a general practice M.D. in years, and don’t plan on seeing one until I end up in the hospital for an acute issue.  The first place I go when I get sick is to my Nutrition Response Testor to see what ails me and what supplements I need to strengthen my body.  I’m taking the only real “preventive medicine” on the market – good nutrition – which requires a Nutrition Response Test in this day and age.  No, my insurance doesn’t recognize it (not too pleased with our healthcare system as a whole), and I’m not surprised because Nutrition Response Testing looks like hocus-pocus when you see it done.  Can’t argue with that.  It’s the results that keep me coming back and paying out of pocket for it.  It works for me and everyone ought to give it a spin before letting “the system” tell you what will work for you.  It’s just adding and subtracting food, after all.

I want to challenge you to ask yourself, “Am I truly healthy?”  I thought I was healthy, or at least “fully functional”, a year ago but my liver and spleen were both weak.  Now, a year later, I’ve been in maintenance for quite some time and I’m less sick, faster to recover when I do feel lousy, and I’m stronger than ever.  And “maintenance” is a monthly visit to my Nutrition Response Therapist, but the benefits are well worth that price.  What’s more, I don’t dread a visit to the doc!

If you know of something else like Nutrition Response Testing, please let me know.  I’m a life-long learner and am always up for something that makes sense!


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