Success and the Quarter-Milestone.


Is that a loaded word for you?  It feels loaded to me.  At least right now, during the “build it” stage of things.  Probably because it, success, feels far away and no matter how much work I do today, “success” won’t arrive until sometime in the future.

Perhaps not the most positive way to think, but this is more of a feeling than a thinking.  But as I think about being successful, if I want to redirect the feeling to something more positive, I could, perhaps, refine my goals a bit? Sure, why not?

So, instead of always shooting for milestones, maybe the next “success” point could be a bit closer.  The quarter-milestone! (Which brings me to an immediate area of pleasure: quarter mile drag racing!  Gotta love the way the human brain associates things!) A good quarter-milestone, right now, is a single blog post.  Write it and post it.  Do that four times and I’ll hit a mile.  That I can do.


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