Lifestyle… Significance and Success?


  • Lifestyle: The way that an individual lives.
  • Significance: The intrinsic motivational value of a thought, feeling, deed, or achievement to an individual.
  • Success: The metric by which an individual can gauge their efforts and is dependent upon the individual’s standards which may, or may not, align with “common” standards.

Lifestyle designed to bring Significance and Success… this is an interesting place to begin a conversation.  I believe everyone is after a life that is successful and significant, both to you and to the people you care about.  Perhaps I’m wrong, but I’m probably not.  However, as much as we want significance or success, reality has taught most of us that we can’t dictate terms to life.  Quite the opposite, as events overtake us, we are emotionally, physically and especially relationally bound to our universe.  The choices that we make aren’t completely rational, nor are they completely emotional/relational.  Instead, we live a life that reflects our daily navigation of what we want or can achieve, what our community wants and tells us should be important, and what reality throws at us (like a rainy day when you could use some sun).

Now, here are three questions for you:

  1. What room for improvement is there in how you navigate your day?
  2. How would you define Significance?
  3. How would you define Success?

To help you answer these questions think about the highs and lows of your life.  Start with the daily grind – what are the good parts of your week and what are the bad?  Then, as you move to questions 2 and 3, go deeper into your life experiences, looking throughout your life.  The highs usually point to events that hold significance and/or success metrics that you actually attained.  The lows usually point to the opposite of what you find significant and/or successful.  And sometimes events that others counted as successes you saw as failures, or vice-a-versa, and those give you clues as well.  Finally, don’t let others dictate significance or success to you, because you are unique and no one knows you like you do!

Please leave your thoughts and comments!  We’ve just opened a can of worms…


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